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JOSAB Ecological Aqualite™ Systems - Applications
JOSAB´s ecological water treatment plants can be used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Offshore systems
  • Maritime systems
  • Constructions Sites
  • Irrigation systems
  • Waste water purification
  • Fish and prawn farms
  • Swimming pools
  • Green houses
  • Process water
  • Live stock etc

JOSAB’s main application area is ecological water treatment solutions for drinking water based on, by the company patented, unique filter material Aqualite™. This is the area we focus our resources to, regardless we offer our solutions for large scale water treatment (ranging from 100-2700 per day) or smaller units for emergency situations.

The ecological water treatment is described on other pages on JOSAB´s web site, for example:
Technology and Products

However, thanks to the features of the filter material Aqualite™, it can also be used for other application areas than purification of drinking water.
Some of these applications are:
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Swimming pools and public baths
JOSAB ecological solution can also treat water in swimming pools and public baths through its unique filter material Aqualite™.
It reduces the water consumption and the chlorine with approximately 50%.
I addition it creates a better environment for bathers as well as staff, i.e. swimming without chlorine smell, red eyes and skin rash.
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Fish and prawn farms
JOSAB’s system minimizes the growth of algae and bacteria in fish farms, and thus helps to keep the fish healthier, grow faster as well as increase the output for the owner.
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Construction sites
Large quantities of water are used at construction sites to produce concrete, to clean equipment, but also to clean outlet water from the construction. In such applications JOSAB’s system can assist to produce large quantities of water to be used at the construction site, as well as cleaning of the outlet water.
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Irrigation systems
When plants are watered, typically the water when dried up leaves stains of lime. By using JOSAB’s water purification system these stains can be eliminated and the producer can achieve a higher yield as well as profit from his harvest.
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Other application areas
Food and beverage industry
Offshore and maritime industry (bilge and ballast water from ships)
Sewage water
Leachate water etc.