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The environmental work at JOSAB aims to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our solutions and products. JOSAB strives for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources. Our ecological water purification units are one of the most energy efficient solutions on the market and as an option solar panels can be added as an extra feature to eliminate external power.
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Our aim is to assist our customers to produce clean water with low environmental impact. This means that we strive to develop solutions and products that are using no or limited amounts of hazardous fluids or components. JOSAB’s ecological
Aqualite™ systems purifies water without any chemical additives.

In practice, this involves studies, training of employees and clear routines. JOSAB seeks to constantly limit the environmental impact from waste, chemical products, energy consumption and transportation.

In the development of our solutions and products, we take the environment into account. JOSAB’s
Aqualite™ has a lifetime of approximately six years before it has to be replaced compared to other solutions that needs to be replaced monthly or yearly. In addition all packaging comprising paper, corrugated cardboard, rigid plastics and non-rigid plastics are recycled.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy
This Policy covers employees, contracted workers and visitors to JOSAB facilities. It includes internal activities, and the products, solutions and services we provide to the market place. We will implement the JOSAB Supplier Code of Conduct to influence our suppliers to achieve the same standards.

JOSAB commits to minimize the environmental impacts from its activities. We will strive for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources. We will also promote systems for reuse, recycling and recovery of materials and work to prevent pollution and other environmental harm.

Health and Safety
JOSAB will strive to provide healthy and safe workplaces. We will continue to reduce injuries and illness and involve our employees in health and well-being activities.

Legal compliance
JOSAB will continue to take a systematic approach to comply with or exceed applicable environmental, health and safety legal and other requirements.

Continuous improvement
Environment, health and safety issues will be fully integrated into JOSAB’s operations and we will achieve this through management by objectives and implementation of preventative actions.

We will achieve this Policy by developing a strong environmental, health and safety culture and establishing best practice standards across the company.