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JOSAB Ecological Aqualite™ System Low cost high flow water treatment solutions
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The JOSAB Ecological Aqualite™ System purifies water using methods based on the use of filter housings containing the mineral Aqualite™. This technique provides purification without any chemical additives. Through its adsorption and ion-exchanging properties, Aqualite™ effectively removes heavy metals, radioactive fallout (Cs, Sr), nitrogen compounds, petroleum products, etc.

Protozoas are known to be resistant to chlorine, the JOSAB Ecological Aqualite™ System is able to filter out particles down to the size of 1 micron and removes approximately up to 98% of bacteria and parasites. The addition of UV light allows for a complete removal of, for example, heterotrophs, coliforms and E. coli bacteria, as well as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium. No chemicals are used in the standard purifing process.

The JOSAB Ecological Aqualite™ System have

  • Low environmental impact
  • Ecological - No chemicals
  • Improved backwashing efficiency
  • Low energy consumption - Less than 1 Watt per liter potable water
  • User friendly
  • Operational within hours
  • Less consumables
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Significant water clarity
  • Improved T10-value - More efficient UV sterilization
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  • Staff can be trained to operate the system within a few hours
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Aqualite™ - The superior water purification material
The JOSAB Ecological Aqualite™ System uses a product called Aqualite™, a clinoptilolite, which is a natural zeolite with exceptional adsorption capacity. Aqualite™ is found in the Ràtka mine, in Nothern Hungary.
After mining the large blocks of Aqualite™, further production takes place at JOSAB’s indoor production plant in Szerencs.
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General Function
General Function
The JOSAB ecological water treatment plant works with the easy principal of pre filtration with a centrifugal separator to remove all particles larger than 74 micron after which the water is divided into 4 filter housings (orange piping in the drawing). The filter housings include the special Aqualite™ for adsorption of particles larger than 1 micron, as descriped in the Aqualite™ section.
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The purification process
The JOSAB Ecological Aqualite™ System.

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