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The JOSAB ecological water treatment plant works with the easy principal of pre filtration with a centrifugal separator to remove all particles larger than 74 micron after which the water is divided into 4 filter housings (orange piping in the drawing). The filter housings include the special Aqualite™ for adsorption of particles larger than 1 micron, as described in the Aqualite™section.
The water is collected together for treatment (green piping in the drawing) into the UV sterilizer.
To preserve the water from contamination a small amount of chlorine is added (0,5 mg per liter in accordance with WHO guidelines).
When the pressure in the Aqualite™ filter housings is slowly rising it means that the surface of Aqualite™ bed is blocked and backwashing is needed. Backwashing can be done by the system itself without the use of an external clean water supply.
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By closing the exit to the UV sterilizer (2) all water is kept within the filter housings. Closing the valve to filter housing that needs to be cleaned (1) and opening the backwash valve (3) of the same filter housing.
Clean water of the 3 remaining filters will be used to push the water through the fourth filter housing from the bottom and out to the backwash piping (yellow piping in the drawing) taking all dirt from the filter housing with it.
After about 15 minutes or so the water will be clean again and valves (1) and (3) are placed back to the normal positions and the same procedure can be done with the other 3 filter housings.
When all filter housings are cleaned and valves are placed back in their normal positions, the valve to the UV sterilizer can be opened up again and normal procedure can continue.
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Aqualite™ reduces heavy metals etc. by ion exchange. The filter bed is saturated when no more ion exchanging takes place. However, regenerating the filter media with 10-12 % salt solution (NaCl - regeneration solution) can restore the Ion exchange capacity.
This might be necessary after 1 week or after 1-2 months depending on quality of the raw water source, content of heavy metals etc.
To regenerate, drain the filter housings of water and replace it with salt solution, leave it overnight and use an external clean water source for backwashing
(see picture image)

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Aqualite™ reduces heavy metals.
Waste water from the regeneration with salt solution can contain heavy metals which can be harmful to the environment.
Please note: Waste from regeneration should be taken care of as environmentally hazardous material.

• Regeneration can be offered in a service contract with JOSAB or the local JOSAB representative.