Clear FAR

Clear FAR

FAR (flotation anaerobic reactor) reactors can effectively treat wastewater that contains solids such as fat, grease, protein and starch. Clear FAR, with an effective sludge retention system, converts organic compounds into valuable biogas. The multifunctional reactor is especially suitable for food waste treatment. The compact bioreactor can treat wastewater containing vegetable and animal fats with a COD content from 5g/l to 70g/l. The hydraulic retention time is as short as one to eight days. Anaerobic sludge and organics in the wastewater are fully mixed in the reactor while flotation can prolong sludge retention time. These two features mentioned above are the key to the successful operation of the technology. Anaerobic bacteria convert organic sludge into methane and CO2. Wastewater is pumped into the reactor and then mixed with sludge by a biogas stripping column. The integrated flotation unit intercepts the sludge and retains it in the reactor. Sludge is continuously lifted from the reactor into the flotation unit by stripping. Then, the sludge in the flotation unit falls back into the reactor for further anaerobic treatment. The treated water, which is almost free of solids, is extracted from the lower portion (bottom) of the sludge layer while the biogas produced is discharged from the top of the reactor for further use. The integrated flotation unit can obtain high sludge concentrations and long sludge retention time, while at the same time,the hydraulic retention time is relatively short. Therefore the footprint of the reactor is relatively small.


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