Lamellar separator can achieve a good performance in limited space. A set of large lamellar lined with wide intervals is an effective solution of sludge blockage. The separation of the structure of the box ensures that turbid water pumped in does not contaminate clean water in the outlet; the supporting of reciprocating sludge scrubber ensures that the settled sludge can be concentrated and be discharged promptly. The vertical-flow plate flocculation reactor in the front can achieve various changes in G-value (mixing strength) without stirring.
Wastewater that is well mixed with flocculants enters the inlet canal of the flocculation reactor. After that, it flows downward vertically through two compartments and then flows upward. Flowing downward and upward like this, it produces four different G values and forms large particles of alum floc.
After entering, the wastewater containing suspended solids flows into the inlet compartments and then goes through the slots on both sides into the plate pack. The plate pack consits of a series of flat plates, which are positioned at an angle. The total settling area and the distance between plates are determined by the settling characteristics of sludge. Sludge is settled on the plate while water flows up; treated water flows out through the outlet valve that is specially designed to enhance settling efficiencies. Water flows up while sludge flows downwards along the inclined plates. Wastewater enters from the side of the plates pack to keep sludge moving and prevent it from accumulating between the plates. Settled sludge is either collected for further concentration in the sludge hopper or removed and discharged by the scrubber, which is easy to operate.


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