ClearUBOX is the combination of an UASB reactor and ClearBioRoto. It is a biological treatment module, both anaerobic and aerobic. The anaerobic part is at the bottom of the reactor and is equipped with a three-phase separator, which can efficiently retain anaerobic sludge and collect produced methane.
Wastewater is well distributed from the bottom of the reactor and enters the anaerobic unit of UBOX reactor. Anaerobic reaction mainly converts biodegradable COD into biogas and the gas-liquid separator collects biogas for further treatment. After anaerobic treatment, wastewater flows up into the aerobic part for following process. The aerobic part is equipped with ClearBioRoto, where the remaining COD is degraded. Water is discharged after passing through the efficient sludge-water separator. The sludge remaining in the aerobic part returns back to anaerobic part for further treatment. This product is especially suitable for domestic sewage treatment.


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