ClearMBR separates sludge and water in a manner different from ClearFAR.
ClearFAR mixes anaerobic sludge and wastewater by gas stripping. However, it needs efforts to separate sludge and water by three-phase separator or lamellar separator.
The process of MBR is mature and stable. It can intercept the sludge completely. When combined with ClearFAR, it can avoid sludge loss, guarantee the concentration of sludge and raise the volume load.
The mixture of sludge and water enters the anaerobic tank. After filtration, clean water flows into following the processing unit and concentrated sludge returns to FAR reactor.
A MBR unit provides a sealed anaerobic environment. It is connected to FAR reactor to avoid negative pressure caused by suction. The methane it produces enters the gas collection system through FAR.


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