A traditional rotating biological contactor, because of its irrational packing structure and insufficient self-purification, results in problems such as disorderly accumulation of sludge. These problems can damage the dynamic balance, gradually increase the rotation torque, and finally damage the transmission device. Therefore, lack of durability becomes a serious defect of rotating biological contactor. To solve the problem, the packing structure must be optimized.
ClearBioRoto uses our company’s newly developed 3-D tubular packing unit which is 3-D permeable with a tubular structure. As a result, biological sludge is not likely to accumulate. The specific surface area is as large as 100~200m2/m3.
Technical features are as folows:
◆The self-purification of ClearBioRoto can prevent sludge from accumulating.
◆Useless aerobic biofilm can be timely washed out to maintain the durability of the system.
◆Fillers of high specific surface area are used to raise volumetric loading rate (VLR).
◆Plastic material is used to reduce the overall weight of the rotating biological contactor, decrease the rotation torque, and reduce energy consumption.
◆Mechanical structure is specially designed for multi-stage startup to reduce the initial rotation torque.
◆The amount of dissolved oxygen can be adjusted by changing spinning speed in order to realize nitrification and denitrification reaction.


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