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Get clean water with ecological purification solutions

We produce solutions in the field of water purification that meet the highest quality standards and customer requirements. Purification is carried out using technical solutions based on natural materials and innovative developments, which cover all areas of water treatment.

Mobile potabilization systems

Our units are installed in the most remote areas so that everyone has access to drinking water

Water distribution solutions

Enjoy fresh and pure water everywhere in the city

Wastewater treatment solutions

Browse our customizable industrial wastewater treatment solutions in the food, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries


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The foolproof way to select a quality solution for a sustainable future

We build advanced solutions in the field of water purification that meet the most stringent quality standards and customer requirements.

In all segments of the supply chain, our sustainability work strives to create products, technology and know-how that is sustainable and ecological. The global water consumption is expected to have a yearly increase of 3 percent. While 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, the global sweet water supply decreases every year. In developing countries, the ongoing trend of substantially increased water consumption is expected to continue. Due to the growing global population, particularly in regions with scarcity of water, industrialization of developing countries means increasing economic growth, where the provision of water within the industrial sector is predicted to expand 400 percent by 2050.

Our eco-technologies produce clean water all around the world, which increases the prospects of achieving human and equal living conditions and a cleaner planet.

What is Aqualite™?

Aqualite™ is a natural zeolite-based material mined in our proprietary mine, in the region of Ratka, in Hungary. It is a mineral having exceptional adsorption and filtration properties which allows Josab’s water purification processes to be more efficient and ecologically less impactful than conventional processes.

Are your drinking water solutions economical ?

Yes they are ! We do not use membrane techniques such as RO or UF which are expensive in terms of chemicals, energy and maintenance. Our solutions are so energy-efficient that they can easily be powered by solar energy ! To produce 1000 Liters of water you need less than 0.3 kW !

How it can be both low-cost and advanced ?

It’s all in our choice to focus on certain types of water and to offer standardized solutions based on the use of unique adsorbents in the world, but also by using patented low-tech, reliable, and robust solutions adapted to extreme conditions.

Does the treated water meet standards ?

Yes, and even more! Our drinking water solutions go beyond WHO standards, all equipment in contact with drinking water is food grade certified and complies with the strictest European standards. Our wastewater treatment processes succeed in achieving a quality of water similar to that of surface water !



Choose efficiency

We transform raw water into clean

of parasites, virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms
of organic and inorganic pollutants
of iron and manganese

Hundreds of units implemented in the world


Production of drinking water in plastic bags

The unit with a capacity of 50 m3/h came in support of water production for an industry in Accra, Ghana. At its peak, the plant produces up to 2 million half-liter bags of water per day!

Water dispensers

The ATMs can be designed with the function of cooling of water! The unit is created for ensuring drinking mode in public places. Our kiosk is the right alternative to bottled water.

Mobile unit for unconnected neighborhoods

Following the rupture of the pipes connecting the district to the city water, tank trucks came to help the inhabitants but very quickly the mobile unit installed by Josab came to bring good dinking water to the population all day long.

“No one wants to drink water from open taps anymore. But a neat and clean kiosk selling filtered water is always welcomed”

Jitendra Kukde (Bunty)

Jitendra Kukde (Bunty)

Chairman of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s City Transport Committee, India

“From the first look the difference was clear between the raw water and the treated one”

Dr Muna Mohammed Musnad

Dr Muna Mohammed Musnad

Senior Researcher at UNESCO Chair in Water Resources, Sudan

“We found this much better than the tanker trucks. Even comparing this to bottled water, there is not much difference. Both are clean”

Resident of Shiro Meda – Addis Ababa

Resident of Shiro Meda – Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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