Mobile units for water purification


JOSAB™ max is to produce water everywhere in the world. Suitable for most natural freshwater types such as river and groundwater. High production efficiency and easy operation with low economy cost. Automatic system with option of solar energy.

JOSAB™ Portable

JOSAB™ Portable is an emergency supply of drinkable water. Purifies almost all types of water in emergency operations in a short time with 100% mobile units. Produced water meets WHO standards.

Distribution of drinking water


Zeokiosk™ is designed to have access to safe drinking water for all in the city. Easy installation on city water pipelines with continuous instant purification at a low energy cost. Can be paid by coins, cards or the mobile app with multiple volume choices.

JOSAB™ Access

JOSAB™ Access is to provide drinking water for the collective. It guarantees users balanced and consumable water in all circumstances. It can supply up to 12 housings with clean water that meets WHO standard.

Wastewater treatment system

Clear FAR

FAR (flotation anaerobic reactor) is specifically designed to treat wastewater that contains high concentrations of organic compounds such as fat, grease, protein and starch.

Clear UASB

Clear UASB (Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) is the methane producing reactor, which is a frequently applied technology in the biological treatment of industrial wastewater.

Clear EGSB

Expanded granular sludge blanket (EGSB) reactor is developed from UASB reactor. Compared with UASB reactor, the EGSB reactor added reflux, and the flow velocity and mass transfer are increased. Therefore, EGSB reactor has high processing efficiency and operation stability, which has been widely used in wastewater treatment.

Clear IC

Clear IC – Cost-effective treatment method to comply with discharge limits with valuable by-product biogas.


ClearRoto – In the application of solid-liquid separation technology, the rotary separator is the most widely used. Clear Industry’s ClearRoto has various functions: removing suspended matters of tens of ppm to thoroughly purify wastewater, concentrating sludge containing more than ten percent of solids, and screening food waste.


ClearLamellar – Efficient removal of suspended solids by saving space. The ClearLamellar is designed to remove precipitable solids from wastewater.


ClearSand – A solution for nitrate and suspended solids removal.ClearSand filter is designed to remove nitrate and suspended solids from wastewater without taking out of operation benefited from its continuous back-washing operation.

Clear BioScrubber

BioSrubber – Meets tighter discharge limits with a cost-effective biological treatment system for waste gas.


Clear UBOX – The integrated anaerobic/aerobic reactor for wastewater, and designed for wastewater treatment based on combining the functions of anaerobic and aerobic reactor, which leads to low operational costs.

Filter media


Aqualite™ is an excellent choice for producing drinking water from natural water. This material is particularly suitable for the purification of water that slightly exceeds the standards, which for example has too high an ammonium content or heavy metals in cationic form.

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We transform ordinary tap water into clean

of lead and asbestos
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other harmful contaminants
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We transform ordinary tap water into clean

of lead and asbestos
of chlorine, chloramines
other harmful contaminants
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