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Mobile units for drinking water

Josab’s mobile systems are excellent alternative to brick-and-mortar plant in many cases:

  • When deadlines are short
  • In the event of a humanitarian crisis.
  • For isolated or construction site where is difficult to access safe drinking.
  • When water resources are in danger of being depleted and a relocation is required.
  • When the population grows and the capacities of the equipment of the municipality are insufficient or are not yet implemented.

Josab’s ecological water purification solutions are designed for easy transportation to the point-of-need. We offer the fastest plug and play complete water purification solutions on the market. The treatment plant can be operational within a few of hours.

Our mobile all-in-one solution are fully containerized and automated. They are designed with few wearing parts which leads to low production and maintenance costs. This is also due to the highly efficient filter media, Aqualite™, which allows compact units with high capacity. Staff with limited technical knowledge can be trained to operate the system within a few hours.

In the event of a humanitarian crisis, the Josab™ Portable range will be an excellent choice. Our equipment, specifically designed to be easily transportable and loaded by plane or in the back of a van, will produce drinking water from most water points in record time.

For other cases where a mobile solution proves to be a better option, the Josab™ Max line offers 11 models ranging from a capacity of 70 to 2700 m3 per day. These very compact and fully automated units are a valuable aid when an operator is looking for a lasting solution without tying up too many financial and human resources.

Agriculture and greenhouses

Agriculture uses almost 70% of fresh water in developed countries. However, the evolution of the climate is pushing many farmers to develop cultivation methods that consume less water, but also by promoting the recycling of irrigation water. Another strong trend is to reuse wastewater by applying treatments adapted to the needs of the plant.

Josab supports its customers to implement the least energy-consuming solutions for optimal results. Our solutions use many techniques, either biological (bio-filtration) or physical (filtration on media or membranes).

We carry out turnkey processes, always keeping as fundamental principle the low ecological impact of our solutions as well as their simplicity, their ease of use and their mobility.

Animal production

“Clean water is essential for maximizing cattle weight gains… Over a 2-month period, yearling cattle gained 23% more weight when drinking clean water than drinking directly from a pond.” (Walter D. Willms et al., Journal of Range Management, 55: 452-460, September 2002).

It is widely established that production gains in the field of livestock are substantial when animals are watered with clean water, free of organic and inorganic pollutants and especially microorganisms. Josab’s solutions, based on ecologically neutral processes, easy to set up and use, are particularly suitable for animal production.

Josab Portable range is both compact and mobile to fit into any conformation.

Swimming pool

Problems concerning the quality of water encountered in swimming pools and in particular, public establishments, are for the most part linked to the performance of their water purification system. In this context, the choice of professionals is very limited:

  • Low expenditure = low water quality
  • High expenditure = high water quality.

Aqualite™ is the solution that changes this situation!

Thanks to its exceptional filtration capacities associated with its high affinity to adsorb ammonium, Aqualite™ is the solution that drastically improves water quality. There follows a virtuous circle of phenomena directly linked to this improvement: less chlorine consumption, no more use of flocculant/coagulant, less backwashing, less water consumption during filter washing cycles, less pressure drop, less energy consumption, etc.

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Josab can provide the solution to establishments wishing to install a complete water filtration unit. We will then take charge of the entire turnkey project.

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