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Josab Water Solutions group is a Swedish company which aims to be the benchmark company for supplying the most environmentally friendly and low-cost drinking water and wastewater treatment solutions dedicated to municipalities, villages, and isolated areas. We guarantee quality water for all thanks to advanced, robust and ecological technologies.

Our collaborators in Europe, India and China are proud to be part of a multicultural group speaking the universal language of water. They design and offer innovative, efficient and practical solutions thanks to their complementary know-how and contribute to developing access to this vital resource and to preserving the natural environment using clean technologies.

Josab Water Solutions has supplied several hundred drinking water systems in more than 25 countries. We brought drinking water where the desolation of war and natural disasters had deprived people of this essential good.

Josab is the only company in the world having built all its activity on the use of zeolitic materials for the realization of environmentally friendly low-cost mobile potable water plants dedicated to villages and isolated areas. As a pioneer in the implementation of a technology which consumes few reagents and energy, Josab provided water to the poorest populations on the planet. Because water is essential for life and its price should not be an obstacle, our customers can believe in our dedication to offer them healthy water and quality service while taking care to offer them the less expensive solutions that can, in addition, generate employment for them.

Providing water is a noble cause that involves great ethical, social and environmental responsibilities. These dictate our choices so that our solutions are for all and for the planet.

We design solutions first with those who will make them work. Efficiency, robustness and simplicity are our guidelines, but the main idea is that our systems have the lowest possible ecological impact.

Since April 2023, Vimab Group AB has become the majority controlling shareholder of Josab. For more information on Vimab Group AB, please visit: www.vimabgroup.com

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How it All Began

Our story began in the early 80s when Jan-Olov Sparrman traveled to Italy and discovered very special minerals named: zeolites. He found these natural materials with exceptional properties have been used since antiquity for water treatment. Jan-Olov Sparrman founded Josab in 1986 and created the most advanced water treatment process based on the use of a particular zeolite, located in Ratka in Hungary.

In the early 2000s, Josab acquired the Ratka mine in order to guarantee its supply and the constant quality of the filter media. Then, very quickly Josab became a major player in water treatment in crisis zones by providing hundreds of mobile units with the support of international organizations such as UNESCO, UNHCR and the Red Cross. We are proud to have been able to help populations in distress in Grozny, in Myanmar (Burma) and many other places in the world.

Josab took on an international dimension by creating subsidiaries in Hungary and India, then becoming a listed company in 2013. Our development takes a new turn in 2022 with the acquisition of Clear Industry in China. Josab Water Solutions is now extending its skills to the treatment of wastewater and solid waste thanks to the contribution of ultra-innovative and ecological technologies developed by Clear Industry.

This step is essential to become one of the major players worldwide in green solutions for treating water and waste.


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