[Stockholm, 11th Sep 2023] – Josab, a leading pioneer in sustainable water treatment solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the Swedish division of the 7th China (Shenzhen) Innovation Competition. This prestigious event showcases Josab’s commitment to revolutionizing access to clean drinking water worldwide through a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge innovation.

At Josab, our mission goes beyond business; it’s a heartfelt commitment to ensuring clean, safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere. But how do we achieve this ambitious goal? By rejuvenating ancient technologies and combining them with the advancements of the modern era.

Innovation, as we see it, isn’t solely about chasing the next big thing. Sometimes, it’s about revisiting the wisdom of the past and adapting it for the future. By introducing Josab’s groundbreaking water treatment solutions to the Chinese market, we aim to convey a vital message: innovation, when driven by responsibility, becomes a formidable force for good. 🌿

As we embark on this exciting new chapter and expand our global reach, our core promises remain unshaken:

Synergy with Nature: We firmly believe that working hand-in-hand with nature is the key to sustainable solutions. Our technologies are designed to coexist with our environment, not disrupt it.

Prioritizing Sustainable Development: Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a guiding principle. We are dedicated to making sustainable development a reality through our products and practices.

Reducing Ecological Footprint: Every step we take is aimed at reducing our ecological footprint. We are committed to minimizing waste and conserving resources.

Join us on this incredible journey to redefine innovation and ensure that every drop of water counts. Together, we can make a lasting and positive impact on the world.


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