Josab Water Solutions AB Announces Strategic General Agent Agreement for Aqualite in China

Stockholm, April 12th, 2024 — Josab Water Solutions AB, a pioneer in innovative ecological water purification solutions, today announced a milestone partnership with Nanjing Anchen Jossie Trading Co., Ltd. through a general agent agreement. This alliance is set to propel the distribution of Aqualite filter media products, a cornerstone of Josab’s offerings, into the burgeoning Chinese market.

As a prominent member of the prestigious Jiangsu Anchen Group, Nanjing Anchen Jossie Trading Co., Ltd. will spearhead the promotion and distribution of the full range of Aqualite products. This collaboration is rooted in a shared dedication to pioneering advanced water treatment solutions across a multitude of sectors.

These state-of-the-art products will cater to an array of applications, encompassing residential and industrial sewage treatment, pool water purification, and advanced water management for the agricultural, fishery, and marine sectors.

Jane Bao Jeppsson, CEO of Josab Water Solutions AB, expresses her enthusiasm: “We are ecstatic about this collaboration with Nanjing Anchen Jossie Trading Co., Ltd. as our general agent in China. This partnership is perfectly aligned with our mission to globally disseminate sustainable water purification technologies. With Aqualite’s innovative properties, we are poised to make significant inroads in diverse Chinese industries, driving forward ecological stewardship and superior water quality.”

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. An Fujun, Chairman of Jiangsu Anyhen Group, stated, “The introduction of Aqualite to the Chinese market heralds a transformative era for sewage treatment enterprises, infusing the sector with pioneering ecological water treatment solutions.”

Josab Water Solutions AB anticipates that this strategic partnership will not only broaden the availability of its products but will also cement its status as a frontrunner in the international water purification landscape.

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About Josab Water Solutions AB (Sweden)

Josab Water Solutions AB is the only company in the world that specializes in water treatment using natural mineral-Zeolite. As a global supplier of environmental technology and water purification solutions, Josab has provided the global market with sustainable products, green technology, and knowledge on how to purify water in an ecologically sustainable way for over thirty years.

Josab owns the exclusive filtering material Aqualite™, which can purify large quantities of water in an ecological manner at low cost and low energy consumption, thus achieving long-term sustainability.

Josab Water Solutions AB is a holding company under the Vimab Group, which is listed on the Swedish NASDAQ. The Vimab Group is committed to promoting global sustainable development through innovation.Josab Water Solutions AB belongs to the holding company of Vimab Group, an industrial group company listed on NASDAQ in Sweden. Vimab Group is committed to promoting global sustainable development through innovation.

About Nanjing Anchen Jossie Trading Co., Ltd.

As a pivotal entity within the Jiangsu Anchen Group, Nanjing Anchen Jossie Trading Co., Ltd. capitalizes on the conglomerate’s robust backing to spearhead the import and export of cutting-edge, eco-friendly materials and equipment. Its reputation for excellence spans both domestic and international arenas, where it has achieved significant expansion and acclaim.

Leveraging its deep industry acumen and technical prowess, Anchen Jossie Trading Co., Ltd. excels in the water treatment filter material sector, offering superior products and solutions. The company’s success hinges on its ability to intimately understand market dynamics and swiftly adapt to evolving demands. It has constructed an effective and dependable supply chain management framework that guarantees the highest standards of product quality and service excellence. Furthermore, by harnessing the extensive resources and networks of the Jiangsu Anchen Group, Anchen Jossie provides bespoke services and solutions, significantly improving the efficiency and quality of customer interactions.

Through these strategies, Anchen Jossie Trading Co., Ltd. has solidified its standing in the industry as a beacon of professional expertise, innovative strength, and sharp customer insight. It remains committed to refining its service offerings, fostering growth alongside its global clientele and partners, and driving forward a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious future.