Customer Cases

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We transform raw water into clean

of parasites, virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms
of organic and inorganic pollutants
of iron and manganese

Hundreds of units implemented in the world


Production of drinking water in plastic bags

The unit with a capacity of 50 m3/h came in support of water production for an industry in Accra, Ghana. At its peak, the plant produces up to 2 million half-liter bags of water per day!

Water dispensers

The ATMs can be designed with the function of cooling of water! The unit is created for ensuring drinking mode in public places. Our kiosk is the right alternative to bottled water.

Mobile unit for unconnected neighborhoods

Following the rupture of the pipes connecting the district to the city water, tank trucks came to help the inhabitants but very quickly the mobile unit installed by Josab came to bring good dinking water to the population all day long.