In mid-May 2022, Josab’s management team traveled to Helsingborg to visit Jan-Olov Sparrman, the founder of Josab. The purpose of the meeting was to hear about when he started the business.

Josab’s journey to become a global conpamy began in the Vatican in 1983. Jan-Olov was involved in the restoration of the Sistine Chapel and discovered that zeolite ore had an amazing ability to absorb water and exchange ions. After few years of research and testing, Josab launched an improved chlorine-based water purification solution in 1999 – a zeolite ltermedia-based solution for water purification systems that was then patented. From 2001, it sold water treatment equipment to Ghana, Grozny and Nigeria.

In 2006, Jan-Olov found the Rakta mine in Hungary with the most suitable ore composition for water treatment needs. Josab invested in the mining rights and processed the Zeolite under the name Aqualite. In the following years, Josab’s chemical additive-free water purification solution with low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenience, and became the most effective solution to obtain safe drinking water in crisis environment. During Jan-Olov’s time at Josab, more than 100 portable rescue water purification systems were delivered worldwide.

In addition to discussing various technical solutions, the management team and the founder exchanged views on: Aqualite applications, the restart of Josab’s “rescue equipment” business and other opportunities to sell Josab products in Europe.

Learning from historical experience is the key to finding new opportunities. The Josab team is grateful to Jan-Olov for his trust and support.



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