[Stockholm, 12th Jun 2023] – Josab, a pioneering leader in sustainable water treatment solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the prestigious “Rebuild Ukraine” exhibition scheduled to take place in Warsaw this November. This significant event, which brings together participants from various European countries, has selected Josab as one of the 30 distinguished Swedish companies to showcase their contributions.

At Josab, we are deeply committed to supporting Ukraine, and this exhibition serves as a testament to our dedication. In autumn 2022, Larslap, a subsidiary of the Vimab Group, made a substantial contribution by donating a comprehensive set of portable valve grinding equipment to aid Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts.

Josab, too, is honored to contribute to Ukraine’s recovery by offering our emergency water treatment system and containerized water treatment plant. These solutions are tailored to address Ukraine’s urgent need for clean and safe water, aligning perfectly with our mission to make clean drinking water accessible to all.

Our Commitment to Ukraine:

  1. Emergency Water Treatment System: Josab’s innovative system provides immediate access to clean water, particularly crucial in post-disaster scenarios.
  2. Containerized Water Treatment Plant: Designed for efficiency and sustainability, this solution is well-suited to meet Ukraine’s long-term water treatment requirements.

Josab is fully dedicated to assisting in the reconstruction process and looks forward to making a positive impact on Ukraine’s path to recovery. We are honored to be part of the “Rebuild Ukraine” exhibition and are eager to collaborate with other companies and organizations that share our commitment to this noble cause.

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