[Stockholm, 31st Oct 2023] – As the Vatten 2023 exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden, comes to a successful close, Josab is proud to have been a part of this event, showcasing our innovative applications in water treatment and purification solutions to the world. This exhibition provided Josab with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to providing advanced water treatment solutions to address potential water crises.

In a world where headlines are dominated by news about new EU wastewater directives, Josab remains committed to its ecologically sustainable water treatment solutions and proactively responds to potential water crises. As regulations continue to evolve, and environmental sustainability takes precedence, Josab’s commitment to advanced water treatment solutions aligns seamlessly with the changing landscape. Let us work together to ensure that access to clean water remains a top priority.

The Josab exhibition featured not only innovative water treatment technologies and solutions but also showcased our standout product – JOSAB PORTABLE. This product serves as a lifeline in emergency situations, purifying groundwater, well water, river water, or lake water to World Health Organization (WHO) standards. It is 100% mobile, adaptable to challenging conditions, robust, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. With a processing capacity ranging from 10 to 70-80 cubic meters per day and the ability to remove 99.9% of bacteria, it’s a fully manual, off-road transportable, and plug-and-play solution. Currently, hundreds of units have been deployed worldwide, saving lives by ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water in the most critical situations. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about our life-saving solutions at the exhibition.

Additionally, Josab actively participated in important discussions during the exhibition, addressing the water supply challenges faced by many Swedish municipalities. Josab is dedicated to tackling these challenges and contributing to sustainable water resource solutions. As we gathered at Vatten 2023, we were prepared and eager to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborations to ensure better water resource management and secure our future.

Josab Water Solutions welcomes you to explore our cutting-edge water treatment technologies and solutions. Let’s work together towards a more water-resilient future! Stay tuned for our latest updates and support Josab’s mission to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.