On Tuesday, Clear Industry Suzhou, the Chinese subsidiary of Josab Water Solutions Group, received a bid-winning notice from China Everbright Environmental Energy Group. Clear Industry won the project of building a full-automated factory of breeding black soldier flies with a daily output of 8 tons of fresh larvae in a ten-year BOT model. The project will be built inside the Everbright Siyang base. The Everbright Siyang sells its pretreated organic residues to the black soldier fly breeding factory. As early as 2020, Clear Industry has provided the organic waste pre-treatment equipment Aquaq for Everbright Siyang Base. The Clear Industry’s pre-treatment process has high yield and low pollution and can process 100 tons of organic waste per day.


The successful operation of this project will greatly improve the resource utilization level of organic solid waste in China. Compared with the common practise of selling organic waste residues in livestock breeding, or on-site biotransformation, etc., the bio degradation process of organic waste by black soldier flies not only avoids the risk of secondary pollution in subsequent processes but can achieve the shortest circular chain converts organic waste residues into high-value protein products. At the same time, Clear Industry solution will make full use of the waste heat resources of kitchen plants and incineration plants to improve energy utilization efficiency and the treatment effect of wastewater and waste gas. It is the most economical and sustainable low-carbon solution in the current solid waste treatment system.

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