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    Zeobox™ is a revolutionary solution for producing healthy drinking water in public locations while protecting the environment. It purifies water continuously and eliminates all pathogens and pollutants without the use of any chemicals. Zeobox™ offers a variety of options for users to choose from, including different water volumes, hot or cold water delivery, and payment through cards or mobile apps. The machine is equipped with a 27-inch LCD screen and a self-contained booster pump and raw water tank suitable for areas with unstable water pressure in the pipe network. With remote monitoring and control, installation service, assistance, and maintenance, Zeobox™ is an easy-to-use, automatic, and self-cleaning system that provides purified drinking water to everyone.
    Nominal capacity:   200 persons/hour
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    Zeobox™ Zeobox™ is a revolutionary solution for producing healthy drinking water in public locations while…
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    JOSAB™ Access

    JOSAB™ Access JOSAB ™ Access is the solution for construction contractors, building or housing estate managers who want to provide healthy water to their customers’ entire network. JOSAB ™ Access guarantees users balanced and consumable water in all circumstances, 24 hours a day. • Instant UV disinfection • Tank providing at least 6 hours of autonomy* • Residual disinfection by salt free electrolysis • Easy installation on city water pipes • Zero chemicals • Very low power consumption • Remote monitoring and control by WEB/mobile application • Installation service, assistance, maintenance • 100% automatic, self cleaning • Max. flow: 2,000 L/h • UV disinfection: 40 mJ/m2 • Residual disinfection: 0.5 ppm equiv. free Cl • Max. turbidity (outlet): < 3 NTU • Power: 2,3 kWh, 240V, 50 Hz • Tank capacity: 12 m3 • GSM connection: included • Optional solar power supply FICHE TECHNIQUE JOSAB™ ACCESS Up to 12 housing supplied with clean water * Calculated for consumption at the maximum flow rate of 2000 liters per hour  
    Tank capacity (Litres) 500 1000
    Number of users per day (average)* 1080 2160

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    Josab Portable

    Josab™ Portable Clean water as close as possible to operations
    • Connects almost to all raw water sources Water quality produced according to WHO standards Purified water production 24/7
    Fast Mobilization/Demobilization - "Plug - Play"  
    • Direct connection to source No assembly required Continuous instant purification Low energy cost 100% automatic or manual (optional) Solar power available
    Model P25 P100
    Capacity (m3/h) 0,8 – 1,4 3,3 – 5,6

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    Access to safe drinking water for the entire population: The healthy alternative to polluted public fountains Non-stop purified and consumable water Payment by coins or mobile app Accepts bottles, carboys and buckets Multiple choice: 1.5 Litres, 5 Litres, 10 Litres, 20 Litres. Safe – Economical – Sustainable: Continuous instant purification Easy installation on all city water pipes Very low energy consumption Remote tracking and control by WEB/Mobile app Installation service, assistance, maintenance 100% automatic
    Tank capacity (Litres) 500 1000
    Number of users per day (average)* 1080 2160
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    JOSAB™ Max

    JOSAB™ Max Suitable for most of natural freshwater qualities
    • Surface water (rivers, lakes)
    • Underground water (wells, boreholes)
    • Specific treatments : turbidity, pesticides, smell, color, taste, iron, manganese...
    High Performance - Simple - Economical
    • >95 L of drinking water from 100 L of raw water
    • Low energy cost: < 0.3 kWh/m3
    • 100% Automatic + GSM connection
    • Low maintenance
    • Long lifespan of materials (3 years minimum)
    • Solar power (optional)
    Capacity (m3/day) 100 500 900 1800 2700
    Max flow (m3/h) 4.5 23 41 82 123
    Population* 5000 2500 45000 90000 135000
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